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Past Projects

DC Construction Company LLC has experience in commercial and residential civil work. We specialize in land management, land clearing, grading, excavating, pond building, house demolition, driveways, house pads, mobile home pads, basements and septic systems. Below is a sample of some of our past and current projects. Please reach out if you would like to see more of our work, to decide if we are a good fit for your project.



Vincent Pond Project

The Vincent pond project includes three ponds. The initial pond is designed for training hunting dogs. The pond's are all designed to be as natural as possible, with peninsulas, gradual slopes and more. The second pond is designed to be a rice pond with shallow water and the third pond is a duck pond.  Vincent, AL


Skelton Arena

The Skelton Arena project included a 250 x 200 foot arena and pond build. The arena took approximately 9000 yards of dirt and sand to build. The arena was graded with a 1% slope to help with drainage, but maintain the sand.

Thorsby, AL

Horse Arena
Land Clearing


Moore Clearing

The Moore clearing project included clearing approximately 4 acres, cutting out a hill and building up the driveway and a house pad. Clanton, Al


Verbena Demo

The Verbena demo is one of our most recent home demo's. The house was a vacant home in Verbena, Al .

House Demolition
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